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Peter Rabbit Survival Kit Deluxe

The grannylove survival kit deluxe is an absolute dream for new mums, featuring so many invaluable products that help when looking after a new little one.  A delightful and generous gift for a baby shower or birth, not only because it is so practical and helpful but also because you know how much it will be appreciated!


  • a stylish grannylove dribble bib (designed and shaped to catch spills and dribbles)
  • a grannylove burp cloth, essential in the first months of a little one's life when burping, feeding and protecting bedding
  • a binky clip accessory that attach pacifiers, teethers or rattles to clothing, buggies or car seats, preventing them from falling to the ground and getting dirty or lost
  • a teething ring, made from natural organic beech wood. No oils or waxes are used in their finish, safe for precious little munchkins to chew when teething
    Note blog post, if you need help to re-tie
  • three pairs of washable, eco-friendly, absorbent breast pads

Please note: pacifier not included.